Month: July 2008

Say Hello to Upload.XML

This script is already part of Forms.JS.


PSD-to-XHTML: Check This Site Out

We, at provide fast, reliable and quality XHTML coding from existing designs. The markup we create is valid, search engine optimized (SEO), semantic, accessible and usable.

You give us the design (in any common image format – .psd, .gif, .png, .jpg or even existing HTML pages), we give you back standards compliant, crossborwser and valid code.

Just check us out

A new “feature” of Mozilla FireFox 3 (Bug 433640)

When the “top center” value of the “background-position” CSS
property is used for a background image of an element that is an odd number
of pixels wide, Firefox 3 blurs the background image (No other browsers,
including Firefox 2 behave in such a manner).