ContextMenu.XML 1.1 is Out!

A few days after the release of the first version of ContextMenu.XML, here’s the new one – with added support for radiobutton lists and improved performance and rendering.

Spice-up your webpages with cool looking and totally customizable context menus with this easy to install script. No html editing, except adding a few lines of JavaScript code and modifying an xml file.

ContextMenu.XML comes with a set of 11 predefined skins – Acid, AcidMachine, Blue, Default, Green, Mac, Office2003, Office2007, Orange, Red and WeMakeSites, but users can easily create their own skins by modifying an existing skin or creating one from a scratch.

ContextMenu.XML allows users to disable items, to add custom functions or URLs, set item icon, checkboxes, radiobutton lists, define width of menu and even to disable the rendering of the entire context menu, as well as a couple of other handy features.

ContextMenu.XML works with Internet Explorer 6/7/8 and Mozilla FireFox 2/3, as only these two browsers allow scripting of the context menu. Safari, Opera and Google Chrome gracefully degrade and display browser’s context menu.

This script is included in the latest version of Acid.JS – The AJAX Tools and Widgets Library as well.

View online demo of ContextMenu.XML
Visit the home page of ContextMenu.XML
Download ContextMenu.XML


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