Month: January 2009

CheckBox.XML 6.0 is Out

This component has become part of Forms.JS.


10 Dirty CSS Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of 10 CSS tips, tricks in blogposts I have written during the last year that you may find useful:

01. Better Image Scaling and Resampling in Internet Explorer
02. Setting Opacity and Other Filters in Internet Explorer 8
03. The 32 External CSS Files Limitation of Internet Explorer and More
04. Unobtrusive CSS Loading Indicator for Images
05. CSS: Filtering and Distinguishing Google Chrome and Safari
06. Controlling the CSS Opacity Rate of Child Elements in Transparent Parents in Internet Explorer
07. $style – Get Any CSS Property Value of an Object
08. Emulating border-color: transparent in Internet Explorer 6
09. An Exotic CSS Hack for Internet Explorer
10. CSS Watermark
11. Using CSS to Style Radiobuttons and Checkboxes in Safari and Chrome

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Better Image Scaling and Resampling in Internet Explorer

Oddly enough, but the image scaling by using bicubic interpolation is turned off in Internet Explorer. All other browsers have this turned on by default, because this is the only normal and expected behavior. Due to this badly chosen default, sometimes the images in Internet Explorer are not displayed as smooth as in other browsers. To fix this you may use the vendor-specific CSS property -ms-interpolation-mode:

-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;

… in your CSS reset file or ordinary stylesheets.