RadioButton.XML – The AJAX Radiobutton Decorator

RadioButton.XML is ajax-driven almost codeless, reliable, accessible and semantic approach for skinning of radio buttons. The solution makes use of real radio buttons with labels and their toggle functionality and skinned list-items, allowing single-line and multi-line radiobutton list rendering, native client- or server-side validation and easy skinning using an image sprite and a few lines of CSS.

The script comes with 12 predefined skins in the full version, while the lite one is shipped with 3. However, creating a custom skin is a matter of minutes.

What’s new in version 6.0

1. Support for Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Now RadioButton.XML works with all major browsers with limited support for IE6.
2. Improved rendering and loading speed
3. Beautiful set of skins
4. A couple of useful client methods for disable, enable, toggle the enabled state and load on demand

RadioButton.XML information page.

RadioButton.XML demo page.



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