Month: October 2009

Version 2.0 of Guestbook.XML – the AJAX Guestbook is Out


I am happy to announce the release of the new version of Guestboox.XML – one of the few fully AJAX-driven guestbook components on the Internet, that will give your website friendly and cool Web 2.0 looks with its typical Web 2.0 application features – rounded corners for the form inputs and the entry boxes, smooth and seamless form submission routine to the server without refreshing the page, AJAX loading panel during the server requests, friendly validation and system messages, and tons other great features. Below is a list of the core features of Guestbook.XML:

  • Easy installation, setup and custmization
  • User-friendly admin panel, conforming the latest usability requirements
  • Powerful form validation on the client
  • Entry moderation
  • Profanity filter, customizable profanity word list and profanity replacement routine
  • Markup filter
  • Customizable notification email when a new entry has been submitted
  • Customizable thank you email sent to the person who has submitted a comment
  • Cool rounded corners of the form inputs and the entry boxes
  • Custom position of the form – above or below the entries
  • Extremely fast rendering and very small footprint
  • Privacy options
  • Entries archive
  • Option for permanent deletion of the archived entries
  • Custom maximum length of the submitted entry
  • No mySQL, the entries are stored in physical flat files on the server
  • Crossbrowser performance, supporting all major browsers (scroll down this page for supported browsers list)
  • Valid, semantic and accessible client output
  • 100% control of the features and appearance of the public page from the admin
  • Great, almost flash-like experience and fully skinned form controls

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • Customizable thank you email
  • User-defined comments form position
  • Improved rendering and reduced server output
  • Rounded corners of the form fields and of the entry boxes
  • Easier installation, setup and customization
  • Cool Web 2.0 looks
  • Fully reconsidered, rewritten and redesigned admin panel, now completely AJAX-driven
  • Improved and detailed manual
  • Three categories of submitted entries – approved, unapproved and archived
  • A number of bug were addressed and fixed

Screnshots from the Admin and the Public Page of Guestbook.XML


  • PHP4+
  • Apache Web Server
  • Standards-compliant public page (Guestbook.XML will not initialize on non-XHTML/HTML5 pages)
  • JavaScript-enabled and AJAX-capable browser (scroll down this page for supported browsers list)

Browser Support

Guestbook.XML works with all major browsers – Internet Explorer 7/8, Mozilla FireFox 2+, Opera 8+, Apple Safari and Google Chrome, as well as any other WebKit or Gecko browser. The support for Internet Explorer 6 has been dropped, and there are no plans for adding IE6 support for the future.

What’s Next?


Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library 3.6 is Out With 3 Updates

The new version of Acid.JS has just been released with three major component updates – AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 3.0, Web 2.0 AJAX Loading Panel 3.0 and Rounded Corners Panel 2.0.

Click here to view the release notes for the latest version.

AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 3.0 is Out With New Options and Seamless AJAX Admin

I am happy to announce the release of the new version of AJAX Hotel Reservation Form. Version 3.0 comes with new options both in the admin and in the public part. The administration panel is totally redesigned and reconsidered and offers easy and user-friendly administration of the current reservations in pleasant environment.

Here’s what’s new in version 3.0:

  • Totally reconsidered and redesigned admin with lots of options and cool looks
  • New options for the public part of the component – additional information and included meals
  • Improved and even faster rendering
  • Fully localizable public part and admin

Screenshots from the Admin and from the Public Part

What’s next?

Compile Your Own Creative Bundle of Web 2.0 Components

If you are planning to purchase components from my website, I’ve got a deal for you that will save money.

On this page you can select (at least) three or more scripts,  and each of them is listed USD10 off its original price, so the more items you order the more money you save, which means that practically each 4th item you add to your custom Web 2.0 bundle is free. As usual you will receive free upgrades to minor and major versions of the components you have purchased as well as reliable support.

You can start compiling your bundle now or you may check what is included in the deal.