Month: March 2010

AJAX Contact Form 2.0 is Out

ContactForm.JS is a powerful AJAX component for feedback forms for websites. Its state-of-the-art adapter mechanism allows the creation of any kind of forms, and practically the allows total control over the form fields and their order, validation options, labels and appearance on the page.

The component supports 11 types of different form fields – from the ordinary textboxes to data pickers and customizable dropdowns. All of the forms created with ContactForm.JS bear cool Web 2.0 looks – rounded corner input fields, custom checkboxes and radio buttons, modal overlay and message upon form submission, user-friendly client validation, customizable messages, carbon copy to sender, and can be instantly styled with one of the 12 premade skins that it is shipped with.

View demo and more information of ContactForm.JS.

Download ContactForm.JS.


Introducing AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 4.0

HotelReservationForm.AJAX is a full featured AJAX solution for websites that provide online room reservations. It is elegant, skinnable, highly customizable, localizable, crossbrowser and ultra fast. The installation and the configuration of the script is easy, and your form can be up and running on your website within minutes.

What’s new in version 4.0:

  • Seamless PayPal integration
  • New wizard-like step-by-step interface
  • Improved rendering speed
  • Improved user-experience
  • Improved cross-browser performance
  • Easier setup of the script

View more info and demo of HotelReservationForm.AJAX or download it.

New Version of TabStrip.XML AJAX Control

TabStrip.XML is a powerful lightweight component providing tabbed interfaces for websites. It is easy to configure by simply adding a few lines of code and defining placeholder element with an ID at the place where the tabstrip should render. The latest version of the control comes with new client API of 10+ allowing total control over the tabstrips in runtime.

What’s New in the Latest Version:

  • Improved rendering and loading speed.
  • New property – mode – static, async and external.
  • Better exception and error handling allowing easier debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Rich client API for tabstrip manipulation in runtime.
  • New property – sortable.
  • New property – buttonposition.
  • Improved crossbrowser compliance.
  • A number of bugs addressed and fixed

Client API of TabStrip.XML:

The latest version of the control comes with new client API of 10+ allowing total control over the tabstrips in runtime – enable and disable tabs, add and remove tabs, show and hide tabs, etc. An extensive demo of the client methods is available in the download distribution of the control.

  • Programmatically add tabs to a tabstrip
  • Programmatically remove tabs from a tabstrip
  • Programmatically set new skin to a tabstrip
  • Programmatically remove a tabstrip from the DOM of the page
  • Create a tabstrip in runtime
  • Remove all tabs
  • Hide Tab
  • Show Tab
  • Disable Tab
  • Enable Tab
  • Programmatically select tab

View online demo and detailed information about TabStrip.XML.

Download TabStrip.XML.