Month: May 2010

Skinnable Dialog Boxes 5.0 Released

Say goodbye to the boring default browser dialog boxes you are using on your website or online applications, here is Dialogs.JS!

The component comes with custom alert, confirm and prompt boxes, a couple of handy JavaScript methods that emulate the behavior of the “real” browser dialogs, really small footprint and 12 skins that will fit virtually any design. You get lightbox-style modal overlay, cool buttons, keyboard navigation (Enter and ESC keys), rounded corners input of the prompt… Everything so Web 2.0 and easy to use!

What’s new in the latest version:

  • Easy on-page setup instead of external .xml configuration file.
  • Improved rendering speed and smaller footprint.
  • User-defined selection of default focused button.
  • Fully customizable fade animation of the modal background.
  • New customization options.
  • Improved crossbrowser compliance.
  • Custom exception and error handling for easier debugging and troubleshooting.

View more info and demo of Dialogs.JS or download it here.


New Admin Panel for Gallery.XML – The AJAX Image Gallery

I am happy to announce that the full version of Gallery.XML AJAX image gallery is already available with smooth administration panel allowing total control over the galleries created with the component.

What you can do in the fully ajaxified admin without a writing a single line of code:

 – Modify, edit, update the contents and delete existing galleries.
 – Drag-and-drop rearrange the images in the gallery.
 – Upload and delete images.
 – Create new galleries and have them up and running in minutes.
 – Fine-tune each gallery by setting different handy properties – toggle visibility, toggle enabled state, enable or disable image enlarge, add description, etc.
 – Delete entire galleries.

Screenshots of the admin are available on the demo page of Gallery.XML and in this blogpost, and its setup manual is included in the dowload distribution of the control.

AJAX Image Gallery 2.0 is out Now

Gallery.XML is a lightweight, crossbrowser, customizable and extremely easy to use component for displaying images in cool Web 2.0 looking style and a lightbox.

The script is so easy to use that it may be up and running in a couple of minutes without writing a single line of complicated JavaScript. All you have to do is to register the runtime script of the component, then edit a simple XML file and add images to the gallery.

What’s New in the Latest Version

  • Back and Previous buttons allowing to navigate in a gallery directly when images are enalrged
  • Fully controlled cool fading animation of the modal layout
  • Page settings method instead of skins
  • Web 2.0 rounded corners of the enlarged image viewer
  • Various fine-tune options
  • Improved rendering speed
  • Improved accessibility – ESC key to close the viewer, Enter key for navigation buttons
  • Custom exception and error handling for easier debugging and troubleshooting
  • Fully AJAX-driven admin panel allowing total control over the galleries created with the component


AJAX Voting Poll System Component

VotingPoll.AJAX is a cool Web 2.0 component for creating voting polls on webpages. It is fully AJAX-driven and extremely easy to integrate. It is a matter of minutes to have a custom voting poll up and running on your website and its setup requires basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

The component supports multiple instances of voting polls with custom settings and skins on a single page. All polls are stored in simple flat .txt files and mySQL is not required at all.

The commercial version of VotingPoll.AJAX includes a fully AJAX-driven polls administration panel, where you can add, edit, delete, drag-and-drop rearrange or modify voting poll datafiles.

View more information and demo of VotingPoll.AJAX or download it now.