Month: June 2010

AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 5.0.1 Minor Update

A minor update of AJAX Hotel Reservation Form (5.0.1) has just been released. If you have downloaded the latest version of the entire Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library, you do not need to update, however if you have downloaded just AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 5.0, released a couple of days ago, it is crucial that you update your software.

Read more about the latest version on this page or try the demo here.


AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 5.0 Released

I am happy to announce that the new version of AJAX Hotel Reservation Form has been released and is included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library.

What is HotelReservationForm.AJAX?

HotelReservationForm.AJAX is a full featured AJAX solution for websites that provide online room reservations. It is elegant, skinnable, highly customizable, localizable, crossbrowser and ultra fast. The installation and the configuration of the script is easy, and your form can be up and running on your website within minutes.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Seamless PayPal integration
  • New wizard-like step-by-step interface
  • Improved and more reliable administration panel with tabbed interface
  • Easier setup of the script – it may be up and running in a couple of minutes
  • Tabs for New, Confirmed, Reservations Archive and Recycle Bin in the administration panel
  • Fully localizable administration panel
  • Improved User Experience of administration panel
  • User-friendly system messages in the administration panel
  • Fully AJAX-driven administration panel
  • Cool Web 2.0 animations in the administration panel
  • New PayPal link generation routine
  • Statistics panel in the admin (Number of new, confirmed, archived and deleted reservations)
  • New Mac skin for the public page

Screenshots of the New Admin Panel

View demo and further information about AJAX Hotel Reservation Form or download it now.

Update for the Mac Skin of Forms.JS

There is an update for the Mac skin of Forms.JS available for download. If you are using VotingPoll.AJAX, ContactForm.JS or TourDates.AJAX, this update is for you as well. Click here to get it.

This update is not included in Acid.JS yet, but it will be in one of the upcoming updates.