New Version of Dialogs.JS Released Today

I am happy to announce that version 7.0 of Dialogs.JS is already available for download with lots of improvements and a new set of skins.

Say goodbye to the boring default browser dialog boxes you are using on your website or online applications, here is Dialogs.JS!

The component comes with custom alert, confirm and prompt boxes, a couple of handy JavaScript methods that emulate the behavior of the “real” browser dialogs, really small footprint and 12 skins that will fit virtually any design. You get lightbox-style modal overlay, cool buttons, keyboard navigation (Enter, Spacebar and ESC keys), rounded corners input for the prompt… Everything so Web 2.0!

What’s New:

  • Improved performance and smaller footprint.
  • Built on top of jQuery.
  • Completely new set of (almost) imageless CSS3 skins.
  • Cool animations.
  • More customization options.
  • Option for setting the dialogs draggable.

Take a look at the demo or download the component right away! Dialogs.JS 7.0 is also included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library.


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