Month: March 2011

Elegant Image Slider Component from Acid.JS

Show your favorite images in this elegant image slider and provide your visitors with various viewing options. The component is easy to install, use and style. The rich client API provides different types for initialization and customization and can be bound with two types of JSON data – declarative and external (loaded via AJAX).

ImageSlider.JS is extremely fast, responsive and so Web 2.0!

Key Features

  • Rich client API.
  • Various customization options.
  • Slideshow view.
  • Thumbnail view.
  • Album info view.
  • Cool sliding and fading transitions.
  • Two types of source data – json or declarative.
  • Two operational modes – ajax and local.
  • Extremely fast with a small footprint.
  • Pageload or lazy (on demand) initialization.
  • Built on top of the jQuery JavaScript library.


The component is included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library.


Fully Customizable JavaScript and CSS3 Progress Bar

Progressbar.JS is a lightweight, multipurpose, platform-independent JavaScript and CSS3 driven component that will enhance the usabiliy of your web applications. The possible use cases are unlimited – from the classic loading indicator displayed during AJAX calls through form validation to complex wizard-like interfaces – it all depends on you.

It is flexible, easy to install and fully customizable featuring rich client API, custom events and imageless purely CSS3-driven skins and cool animations.

Key Features

  • Rich client API.
  • Convenient custom events.
  • Extremely fast with a small footprint.
  • Skinnable – the full version includes the full set of 12 skins that will virtually fit any design.
  • Platform-independent – can work with any server platform (PHP is required for the demos).
  • Pageload or lazy initialization
  • Crossbrowser – all major browsers are supported.
  • Imageless CSS3 skins and animations where available.
  • Animated CSS3 stripes where available.
  • Built on top of jQuery JavaScript library.