Fully Customizable JavaScript and CSS3 Progress Bar

Progressbar.JS is a lightweight, multipurpose, platform-independent JavaScript and CSS3 driven component that will enhance the usabiliy of your web applications. The possible use cases are unlimited – from the classic loading indicator displayed during AJAX calls through form validation to complex wizard-like interfaces – it all depends on you.

It is flexible, easy to install and fully customizable featuring rich client API, custom events and imageless purely CSS3-driven skins and cool animations.

Key Features

  • Rich client API.
  • Convenient custom events.
  • Extremely fast with a small footprint.
  • Skinnable – the full version includes the full set of 12 skins that will virtually fit any design.
  • Platform-independent – can work with any server platform (PHP is required for the demos).
  • Pageload or lazy initialization
  • Crossbrowser – all major browsers are supported.
  • Imageless CSS3 skins and animations where available.
  • Animated CSS3 stripes where available.
  • Built on top of jQuery JavaScript library.



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