New website for Acid.JS Web UI

I am happy to announce that the new website for the Acid.JS Web UI toolkit is already up and running with new design, improved accessibility, better user experience and loads of new and cool features.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Personal Bar at the top of each page allows you to:
    • Use Google to search Acid.JS.
    • Add pages to your very own bookmarks directly on the page that will be accessible when you return back to the site.
    • Add your very own notes in cool PostIt notes fashion which will be available after you return back to the site and will never expire unless you delete them.
  • New component purchase system for buying single components or component bundles via PayPal.
  • Improved user experience on component information pages with convenient tabs and direct access to the component demo, news, help page, purchase page, etc.
  • Tag cloud to see what is currently trending on Acid.JS.

The website is making heavy use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, offline storage and client/server-side JSON and XML.

Below are a few screenshots from the new website, or you can just go and give it a try!