Batch Removal of Fake Twitter Followers from Your Browser’s Console

Current status: This solution has stopped working since Twitter introduced the new profile pages. A fix will be provided soon.

Ever had to deal with tons of fake followers? Here is a small script, using Twitter’s REST API that you can run right from your browser’s console to batch remove unwanted users from following you. Once users are blocked, they will be grayed out, so you will be able to decide whether to follow them. Do not worry – users, which you are following will not be blocked, because the script is taking care of that.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

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  1. Hi there
    I can’t get it to work
    What am i doing wrong?
    I just copy the code and pasted it in the developer console in chrome, but it does not work when i press enter.

  2. Hi I’m having some trouble with this script. When I paste it, I get ‘undefined’ pop-up in console. I’ve checked the start of the list and after multiple tries – it never removes the followers. This is on another account that is stuck at 21k followers.

    Could you please assist? I will donate if I get this to work!

    1. Hey there. Looks like Twitter has changed their DOM, and the script needs to be changed accordingly. I will do this when I have time, maybe in the next few weeks. Most probably the script has stopped working after Twitter introduced the new profile pages.

      1. Thanks for reporting the issue. I will drop you a line when I manage to fix it. I’d gladly fix it now, but I am relocating to another country, and in the next couple of weeks it will be pretty crazy time and it is very unlikely that I found the time.

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