skinnable window

Window.JS – Fully Customizable and SEO-friendly Web 2.0 Window Component

Have you ever wanted to create your own portal website, design page wizards or put your forms into order? Ever needed a cool and lightweight component that is created entirely with JavaScript that mimics the behavior of the real windows but circumvents pop-up blockers?

Window.JS has it all. And even more – it comes with rich and easy to use client API, set of 12 cool skins and may be up and running on your project in a few easy steps in the course of several minutes.

Key Features

  • Mimics the behavior of the real windows – move, drag, resize, minimize, maximize, restore, close, etc.
  • Features cool animations.
  • Support for minimize zones.
  • 3 types of content loading – from an on-page template, via ajax and in an iframe.
  • SEO-friendly if on-page templates are used.
  • Extremely fast with a very small footprint.
  • Platform-independent – can work with any server platform.
  • Skinnable – the full version includes the full set of 12 skins that will virtually fit any design.
  • Crossbrowser – All major browsers are supported.
  • Comprehensible and easy to use client API.
  • Multiple instances with different skins on a single page are supported.
  • Circumvents pop-up blockers.

Take a look at the demo or download the component right away! Window.JS 1.0 is also included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library.