Table painter widget for WYSIWYG editors and web applications

Try Semtex – the new HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript UI framework!

I’m happy to announce the latest component, which is now part of Acid.JS Web.UI. AcidJs.TablePainter is a fast, responsive, fully configurable and reliable table painter widget for WYSIWYG editor or any other web applications.
Key Features
  • Rich client API and custom events.
  • Small footprint.
  • Imageless CSS3 skins, gracefully degrading for older browsers.
  • Crossbrowser – all major browsers are supported.
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Autocomplete and Autosuggest Widget

Try Semtex – the new HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript UI framework!

AcidJs.AutoComplete is a useful, fully configurable and skinnable JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 auto suggest and auto complete widget for your forms or applications, which is now part of the AcidJS.Web.UI library.


Find more info on this page, or for detailed insight on usage and configuration check the demo page and enjoy!

Key Features
  • Rich client API and custom events.
  • Small footprint.
  • Imageless CSS3 skins, gracefully degrading for older browsers.
  • Crossbrowser – all major browsers are supported.
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Tour Dates Artist Event Schedule Component 3.0 Has Been Released

Are you running a band website? Have you been looking for easy management of tour dates? If the answer is “yes” – do not look any further, because TourDates by Acid.JS is the right tool for you. It has it all – modern looks, easy to use, fully ajax-driven admin, full browser support and amazingly small footprint. I bet that your band will certainly love it!

Key Features

  • Fast and reliable, with extremely small footprint compared to it’s amazing functionality.
  • Lightweight admin with cool and easy to use UI, event drag-and-drop, etc.
  • Venue, tickets provider, support band and country management.
  • Fully customizable and localizable templates powered by Pisi Template Engine.
  • Social and sharing buttons on the public page.
  • Cool set of imageless CSS3 skins with fallback for older browsers.
  • Drag-and-drop rearrangement of the public page columns order.
  • Can be easily branded with band’s logo, etc.
  • Event date-picker.
  • Data backup.
  • Event editor.
  • CSS, templates and JavaScript are gzipped.
  • Suitable for any kind of artist.
  • If you are logged in, the admin can be accessed directly from the public front-end of the component
  • And yet more loads of cool stuff. Just check it out…


  • Web-server with PHP support.
  • Standards-compliant (HTML5, XHTML1.0, XHTML1.1) or Skinny DTD public page.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Cookies must be enabled.

Admin Screenshots (If accessed from the front-end public page)

And Now… What?

Want to give TourDates by Acid.JS Web.UI a try? Start by it’s info and demo pages, and if you like it, why don’t you download it and try it at home? The help and manual page is available here.

AJAX Hotel Reservation Form 7.0 Released!

I am happy to announce that the new version of AJAX Hotel Reservation Form has been released after a year of silence!

AJAX Hotel Resevation Form

What is AJAX Hotel Reservation Form.AJAX?

HotelReservationForm.AJAX is a full featured AJAX solution for websites that provide online room reservations. It is elegant, skinnable, highly customizable, localizable, crossbrowser and ultra fast. The installation and the configuration of the script is easy, and your form can be up and running on your website within minutes.

What’s New in Version 7.0

  • Full control over the form fields in the public page
  • HTML5 pricing support for selectboxes, radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Improved validation routines
  • Realtime calculator of the total price
  • New JSON response structure
  • New set of 12 cool looking imageless CSS3 skins with nice fallback for older browsers
  • Optimized and even faster performance
  • Improved localization support for the public page and the admin
  • Improved emailing system
  • Easier and more intuitive deployment, customization and use
  • Improved user experience
  • A number of previous issues have been addressed and fixed

Key Features

  • Fully AJAX driven admin and public part
  • Fully customizable public part – any type and number of fields can be added to the form
  • Fully localizable public and admin pages
  • User-friendly wizard-like tabbed interface
  • User-friendly system messages in the admin
  • Reliable, unobtrusive and user-friendly as-you-type form field validation
  • User-defined required fields
  • Synchronized check-in and check-out datepickers
  • Fast and responsive with extremely small footprint
  • JSON response structure
  • Currency and pricing support
  • Seamless PayPal payment integration
  • Realtime calculator of the total price
  • 12 cool-looking CSS3 skins with nice fallback for older browsers that will fit virtually to any design
  • Easy to deploy, customize and use
  • Fully customizable confirmation and notification emails with HTML support
  • Public access to the confirmed reservation from the customer
  • Reservation print option
  • Built on top of jQuery JavaScript library

What’s Next?

Please, visit this page for detailed info about AJAX Hotel Reservation Form, download the component or go directly to the demo!

AJAX TabStrip 5.0 is Finally Here!

I am pleased to announce that the new version of one of the oldest and most popular components of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library, TabStrip.XML is finally here! And is full of new features and a completely new set of cool imageless CSS3 skins.

TabStrip.XML is a powerful lightweight component providing tabbed interfaces for websites. It is easy to configure by simply adding a few lines of code and defining placeholder element with an ID at the place where the tabstrip should render. The latest version of the control comes with new client API allowing total control over the tabstrips in runtime.

Key Features

  • Extremely fast and responsive with small footprint
  • Four types for content loading – from a template on the page (excellent if you care about your SEO), static, external and via AJAX
  • Rich and powerful client API
  • Convenient custom events
  • Various customization options
  • Fully cross-browser, nicely falling back for older browsers
  • 12 CSS3 skins that will virtually fit any design and will degrade gracefully on older browsers
  • Support for icons
  • Load on demand
  • Support for tab closing
  • Four types of positioning of the tab buttons – top, right, bottom and left

What’s New in the Latest Version:

Sounds cool? Then you can…

New Version of Dialogs.JS Released Today

I am happy to announce that version 7.0 of Dialogs.JS is already available for download with lots of improvements and a new set of skins.

Say goodbye to the boring default browser dialog boxes you are using on your website or online applications, here is Dialogs.JS!

The component comes with custom alert, confirm and prompt boxes, a couple of handy JavaScript methods that emulate the behavior of the “real” browser dialogs, really small footprint and 12 skins that will fit virtually any design. You get lightbox-style modal overlay, cool buttons, keyboard navigation (Enter, Spacebar and ESC keys), rounded corners input for the prompt… Everything so Web 2.0!

What’s New:

  • Improved performance and smaller footprint.
  • Built on top of jQuery.
  • Completely new set of (almost) imageless CSS3 skins.
  • Cool animations.
  • More customization options.
  • Option for setting the dialogs draggable.

Take a look at the demo or download the component right away! Dialogs.JS 7.0 is also included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library.

BBCode Editor 1.0 Released

Editor.BB is a fast, fully customizable and skinnable editor for BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) that can be easily integrated as a replacement for the default editor of an existing message board or forum system.

It is platform-independent and does not require any additional markup or sophisticated JavaScript. All you need is a textarea and to set a few properties and skin, then reload the page and leave Editor.BB do its magic.

View demo of Editor.BB or download it straight away. Manual and hel topics are available on this page.