Page Accessibility Evaluation Tool from Acid.JS

ACC.Checker.JS is a free tool designed to evaluate page markup and help you identify accessibility errors. According to the selected options and stringness, ACC.Checker.JS will look for missing alt attrbiutes on <img /> tags, title attributes on anchors and accesskeys. The tool will also check if your readiobuttons or checkboxes are supplied with label tags and if the fieldsets in your forms are described with a legend.

ACC.Checker.JS has two modes of operation – automatic (when page loads) or manual (upon user click action). The manual mode can be used to detect accessibility flaws on markup generated on the client with JavaScript, after AJAX, DOM changes and actually any modifications to the source code after page load.

When evaluation is finished, ACC.Checker.JS displays the report in a convenient Web 2.0 way and provides link with additional information about every accessibility error it has encountered.

List of Detected Common Accessibility Errors

  • Missing or empty alt attribute on images.
  • Missing or empty title attribute for links and button elements.
  • Missing label tags for radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • Missing legend tags for fieldsets.
  • Missing summary attribute on tables.
  • Missing or empty title element on the page.
  • Missing or empty accesskey attribute for button elements.
  • Obtrusive JavaScript event handlers (onclick, onmouseover, etc) in markup.

View ACC.Checker.JS demo or download it. The tool is also included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library. User’s manual and help is available on this page.