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Acid.RSS – Fully customizable RSS publisher, reader, editor and parser

Acid.RSS is a complete all-in-one suite for RSS authoring, publishing and syndication for your website. It features seamless and fully localizable AJAX driven admin panel with WYSIWYG editor, item sorting via drag and drop and friendly system messages. And that’s not all…

The public side of the component is fully customizable and comes with 12 cool looking Web 2.0 skins that will virtually fit any design. Despite of its rich functionality, Acid.RSS is extremely fast even with big feed files and is very small in footprint.

Key Features

  • Crossbrowser WYSIWYG news editor in the admin.
  • Fully AJAX driven.
  • Easy installation, setup and customization.
  • News items in the admin can be rearranged via drag and drop.
  • 12 cool CSS3 skins cool Web 2.0 looks.
  • Internet Explorer 9 ready.
  • Optional CSS3 styling for Internet Explorer 7-8.
  • Fully customizable public page – you choose what to display.
  • User defined default number of shown items on the public page.
  • Cool animations on the public page and in the admin.
  • Friendly system messages and confirmations in the admin panel.
  • Fully localizable and easy to use admin panel.
  • Small footprint.

Visit the home page for Acid.RSS for detailed information, demo, screenshots and download. The component is included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web 2.0 Component Library as well.


Acid.RSS – Website Feed Editor and Parser Component


Acid.RSS is a lightweight and easy to use AJAX website component for displaying latest news / updates in RSS format. It features two public modes – News Summary and Full News and one private mode – the seamless comprehensible admin.

The generated RSS file can be displayed not only on the website in HTML format, but it can also be syndicated in desktop RSS readers or online services such as NetVibes or Google Reader.

Follow this link for a demo of Acid.RSS, or download it here.